A Sandwich Generation is a time where a millennial loved one such as your children who lives with you, at the same time with an elderly parent or another relative in your home.

Both persons require your attention, time, and financial resources. In the busy work world, you may want to set a balance of helping them in their needs yet save money for your own retirement.

How Can Care Within Reach help In Such Cases?

Care Within Reach would like to remind to take care of yourself while we are taking care of your loved ones. We can provide the attention and care for your elderly loved ones while you can focus on your career to increase your productivity.

We aim to give you the peace of mind of giving well-experienced and well-trained caregivers, and to find replacements in case the caregiver gets sick. Care Within Reach will always remind your loved ones that it is your initiative and love to have them cared for. Our nurse coordinators can combine the hours you need and the resources available to compensate for your budget, so you can also save for your own retirement.

Your children may require care and attention from you, and you may want to be there for them. The time you spend nurturing them can benefit them on their entire life.

Care Within Reach’s aim is to take care of your elderly loved one, your children and yourself.

For a free nursing consultation in your home, please call us at (403) 764-6998or visit us at http://www.carewithinreach.ca

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