Personal Care Services

Practicing proper self-care is essential for maintaining one’s health, happiness, and quality of life. However, due to certain conditions, ailments, or other circumstances, not everyone can easily manage taking care of themselves.

If you or your loved one are experiencing difficulties managing day-to-day activities and personal care tasks, Care Within Reach is happy to provide you with the proper support. Our Personal care services in Calgary and its surrounding areas entail all-around help with daily activities and assistance in maintaining your health and hygiene. 

Compassionately catering to your needs

As personal care aides, we extend our support in various areas of your daily life like homemaking, medication management, and meal preparation. At the same time, we also assist with hygiene care such as bathing, toileting, and grooming. 

We understand that although you may require assistance in doing these activities, we still support your independence and make sure to provide care with dignity and respect for your privacy. Here at Care Within Reach, we recognize that personal care support is a job that requires consideration, sensitivity, and trust. Our health care aides are trained not only to be competent at their duties, but also to work with heart and thoughtfulness. We aspire to help you spend your day-to-day in comfort, safety, and confidence. 

Making your life easier

When it comes to personal care, we acknowledge that everyone has different needs – some are more technical and require more support than others. We make certain that the care you receive is tailored to your specific requirements and conditions.

In these cases, getting the help of a professional support worker can make things easier for both you and those close to you. As trained care aides, we are accustomed to assisting with personal care tasks and self-care maintenance. Additionally, we are equipped with the skills and experience in providing quality care in many aspects of your daily living.

Personal care services in Calgary are open to people who need daily assistance whether they are situated at home, the hospital, or at a Senior Community. Our personal care services provide assistance with the following:

Health and Hygiene

  • Toileting and incontinence care
  • Washing, bathing, or showering
  • Grooming and maintaining positive body image (applying make-up, skincare, shaving)
  • Oral hygiene
  • Nail care

Medical assistance

  • Assisting with medications
  • Monitoring vitals and conditions
  • Cleaning wounds, replacing dressings
  • Scheduling doctor’s appointments

Routine tasks

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Assistance with meals
  • Personal shopping assistance


  • Escorting to appointments, outings, or events
  • Supporting light exercise (walking, stretching)
  • Positioning and transferring (to and from beds, wheelchairs, vehicles)

Assisting with medications

Light housekeeping

Supporting light exercises

Grooming and maintaining positive body image

Specialized Care

When it comes to personal care, we acknowledge that everyone has different needs – some are more technical and require more support than others. We make certain that the care you receive is tailored to your specific requirements and conditions.

Chronic conditions and diseases

Clients  experiencing chronic conditions have long-term illnesses that can be managed through medications and treatment. Common examples are heart ailments, diabetes, asthma, and high blood pressure.

Without the proper attention and care towards these conditions, the client’s overall health may be affected. Our health care aides take note of these conditions and provide the needed care accordingly.

Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care

Dementia-related conditions like Alzheimer’s alter cognitive functions, therefore, affecting memory, decision-making, and comprehension. Patients with these conditions can have a hard time dealing with their emotions, expressing themselves, and remembering to cater to their own needs.

A lot of patience and understanding goes into Dementia or Alzheimer’s care. Health care aides use the Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA) to help create a safe environment for their clients and maintain a sense of familiarity.

Persons with Disabilities

Some individuals have visual, physical, mental, intellectual, and sensory disabilities that may cause some struggle with how they manage their activities of daily living. 

Our job as your personal care provider is to assist in overcoming those hurdles, so clients  can live comfortably and confidently.

Quality care given by the best people

With Care Within Reach, rest assured that you or your loved one receive only the best quality of care and support. Besides being your helping hand, we want to become someone that our clients and their families can completely trust. 

Our health care aides and nurses are highly qualified and experienced in providing around-the-clock caregiving support. Additionally, we provide ongoing education for our care providers to update their knowledge and skills. 

  • CPR and First Aid Certification (Heart Stroke and Canadian Red Cross)
  • Medication Assistance
  • Gentle Persuasive Approach
  • Supportive Pathways Certificate (Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care)

When it comes to matching our health care aides with clients, we understand the importance of building rapport. Not only do we base selection on the client’s medical needs, but we also take into consideration their personality, interests, lifestyle, and preferences.

Enhanced quality of life

There is nothing wrong with needing help and assistance. Receiving even just a little support can make a huge difference in how you spend your days. Personal care services in Calgary prioritizes your health, hygiene, comfort, and overall mental well-being and quality of life. 

Care Within Reach is dedicated to providing high-quality and person-centered care. Aside from managing your immediate needs, we place great value on holistic care. We dedicate our personal support services to give you a fulfilling care experience while promoting your independence, comfort, and enjoyment. 

If you have any questions regarding this service, our care consultations are free of charge with no commitments.

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